What we do

The secret of Accui Translations success is our ability to create lasting relationships with our clients. We truly believe that in this business you need to bend over backwards to satisfy your clients’ needs.

At Accui Translations there are more than eight hours in a working day and more than five days in a working week. That’s just the nature of the business. Clients require very speedy turnaround times due to the pressure they experience in getting their products to market… and we love helping them succeed!

Accui Translations uses its core competencies to help our clients prosper

Take a look at some of the ways in which we maintain complete client satisfaction:

  • Focus on quality
  • Turnaround time
  • Clients’ needs

Focus on quality

  • We use the best translators who have been thoroughly tested according to developed and established Accui Translations procedures that include the ACCUI Translations Style Guide and QA checklists.
  • All Accui Translations are done by native speakers of the target language and translators who specialize in a given subject. Both often have a university degree and/or real-life work experience in a given field.
  • All translations are reviewed by a second linguist who also specializes in the subject matter at hand. This linguist is required to do a word-for-word review against the original text. This process weeds out any possible errors. The texts are checked for style, grammar, and accuracy. For more complex jobs and larger projects we do a final copy edit (third review) before we send it to the client.
  • When working on a large project, ALL translators used have been trained and experienced in using TM tools and have access to a networked Translation Memory database to keep terminology consistent and to increase productivity.
  • Each client is assigned a project manager, who forms a team of translators, engineers, DTP and QA staff to work on the client’s projects. This is a relationship-building process and over time team members are able to cater to the specific needs of their clients, thus offering higher quality services.

Turnaround time

  • We make every deadline. Period.
  • We employ over 1000 translators and proofreaders, both in-house and freelance. If you require a faster turnaround time for your project, we can easily increase the number of people working on a project provided we feel that we can maintain the level of quality our clients have come to expect.
  • We use CAT tools to help speed up the translation process while keeping consistency and maintaining quality. Accui Translations maintains a TM database for each individual client in case we receive updates or new translations. In such instances, we leverage them against the existing TM, thus saving you time (and of course money).
  • We have a range of subject-dependent glossaries that allow us to speed up translation time (while at the same time ensuring high-quality translation of these terms).
  • Regardless of where you are in the world (and what time zone you are in) our project managers receive alerts if you have any queries. Accui Translations project managers are able to respond and resolve problems even if they are away from the office.

Clients’ needs

  • We make it our priority to respond to you ASAP – usually within an hour. We know your needs are important and we aim to be prompt with our response.
  • Each client company receives its own project manager who sees to its needs. Our project managers are the bridge between you and the specialists working on your project.
  • Each translation/localization project received by ACCUI Translations is carefully evaluated by the project manager in order to ensure that the best possible technical and human resources are used.
  • We employ localization engineers, DTP specialists and QA staff, who allow us to offer a complete solution, from localization of the user interface to DTP of the documentation.
  • We develop friendly working relationships with all of our clients because we believe that our clients are more than just anonymous projects or accounts.