ACCUI translations is a translation/interpretation company with its main office located in Toronto, Canada. We have representative offices in Vancouver, Winnipeg, New York and Dubai. Board of Directors at ACCUI International Limited entered translation industry in 1997 by translating best-selling books in English to various languages. We are constantly in Translation business since then. ACCUI has agreements with law firms, immigration consultants, manufactures, Employment agencies and Government agencies in Canada (some of them are exclusive collaboration) to have their documents translated/certified. We are definitely proud of the fact that we try to be a “smart” company. Obviously, that can mean a lot of things, but for us at ACCUI it’s basically trying to work as efficiently as possible. Whether that means using technology or just simply organizing things in a way to maximize efficiency then that is “smart” and we really think we do a good job of this.

As an international translation agency, all our translation projects are of different types and volumes, and pass through various QA filters after the initial translation as well as specific requirements of the end-user worldwide.

ACCUI project managers are ready to provide you with responsive service and successful content that can convince you to keep ACCUI Translation your sole multi-lingual partner and guide to the global market.